The #1 Mobile Lead Capture Solution

Folocard Offline is ideal for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and mobile sales teams. No more manual entry. Shine at your next trade show. Stop leads from going cold, because next week is too late. Follow-up speed is critical! Establish a process that works quickly and seamlessly.

Create a workflow… make life easier

Connect trade shows to your existing workflows. Data when and where you need it synced directly to your CRM or marketing automation system via Zapier (requires premium subscription). Folocad does offer a free & unlimited capability to export .csv files in bulk as well as automatically save contacts to your smartphones address book.

Capture the name and email of a new prospect and automate your first follow-up email! You control 100% of the content and you send the email. Don’t let a 3rd party lead automation solution drop your 1st follow up email in spam. Save contact information, capture a business card or manually enter a lead. Pipe your conference leads into your current nurture campaigns. Replicate your web digital workflows.

The Follow Up is your 1st Digital Impression.

Once you received a business card from someone they have given you permission to contact them, no need for GDPR opt-in records. Your own email provider has established security protocols. Folocard only collects the data locally and doesn’t transmit the PII and Metadata to its servers. So please do not loose your own device. We can backup the data, but this requires the premium subscription, which is optional.

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