How to: Business Card to Excel

Folocard offers a free & unlimited path to exporting details from contacts to a spreadsheet. Below we will describe how to convert your stack of business cards into a spreadsheet.

Business Card to Spreadsheet

If you are looking for a simple and free business card to excel solution, you have arrived. Once you execute the free business card scanner feature, folocard collects all the text grabbed from the OCR engine. This information is saved under each follow-up card in the ‘history’ screen within the app.

In order to get the details into a spreadsheet, such as, Microsft Office: Excel, you need to:

  • Go to the ‘history’ screen.
  • Press the ‘export’ button on the bottom right.
  • Select each item you want (a counter is showing the number of items selected)
  • And hit the ‘export’ button.
  • This will launch a prompt on where to send or attach the resulting Comma Separated Value (.csv) file. Such as emailing yourself to saving to your device/google drive.

Folocard further adds several data points for convenience, these headers will be available in the exported file:

  • Email
  • First Name
  • URL
  • Phone
  • Notes: This includes all OCR results. Herein you will find extra interesting data points, in raw text, such as the: Title, Company Name, Address, Social Network usernames, etc..
  • Follow Up Template name (note we do not see the subject or body data of the emails, for privacy reasons.
  • Time the follow-up email was generated (we do not know when/if the email draft was sent).
  • Location (if enabled) of when the follow-up email was generated.

Free Business Card to Excel

Not all business card scanner apps give you the entire solution for free and without limits. With Folocard this is a core feature which is again, unlimited & free. It also works offline, along with the business card scan and contact saving features.

You can get Folocard Offline on Google Play and Apple App Store.

The offline, read; doesn’t require an active internet connection, nature of the feature suggests that you can draft email follow ups, save contacts and export to .csv on a plane ride back from a conference. You can prepare your spreadsheet further while on the plane and be ready to import into your CRM software upon landing.

Advanced: API automation

While exporting business card scanning to excel is a free feature, Folocard also has an advanced feature. This is a premium feature designed to enable automation of business card to Salesforce happen. Folocard exposes an API via Zapier where you can set triggers to follow up emails and directly feed business card scans into a spreadsheet like Google Sheets automatically. Zapier supports hundreds of solutions including most CRM software, databases and other marketing automation SaaS products like Marketo.

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